Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Boys!

Running at the fountains in Waterway Square

First haircut...before is pictured below.

No tears even!

Happy Labor Day Picnic!

Ryan's first day of Pre-K! Loves it!

Go Highlanders!

Yummm! Popsicles!

Tyler with his 1st grade teacher...Ms. Meryhew! She's awesome!

First day of school!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wow~! Sorry its been so long! This family is busy! Baseball, school, biking, swimming, learning to walk (finally!), birthdays, end of the year everything! ....the list goes are a few of my favorites from the last couple months.

Beach trip to Galveston for the day! They all loved it!
Happy Easter!

Swimming with best buddies Jack and Christopher!

Field Day was today! Dad got to go and it made Ty's day! Plus he got to ride his bike to school, even better!

Ryan, "I'm just laxin' watchin' the poo mama!"

Notice the straps? I like to try to crawl out otherwise!

New hoop for the 6th b-day!

Happy Boy!

Officer Smiley!

Outside time is loved by all! Notice no training wheels for Ryan!

Chad made me cut off the "rat tail!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Boys!

Happy Birthday to 3/4ths of the Brautigam Boys...Ryan is anxiously awaiting his in July...

Yeah, I'm one! Still not walking...almost!

I'm 6 and, bikes, basketball and Wii are my faves!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


2010 has started and I haven't caught up yet...Ethan is crawling all over the place, up the steps, into the name it he's into it! Ryan is back at school and loving it...having a bit of a personality change due to his mean parents taking his pacifier away during the day...only for bed and he HATES it! I think he may not like us much either these days...sassy 3 year olds are not my favorite...we're all ready for Ryan to turn 4! Good thing he's cute!

The boys and their best friend, Michael, at Monster Trucks! Gravedigger was the favorite once again!

Had a little New Year's Day swimming party at our house this year...It was a hit with the kids...we heated the pool to 86 and it was like a bath.

Happy 2010 Y'all!

Where, oh where did 2009 go?

This goes way back...picture rama...Thanksgiving Feasts for both boys...Christmas cookie decorating...the holidays in MN and WI...a little b-ball for Tyler, and Ryan and Ethan just GROWING!

We wanted to get a nice, tall, skinny tree this year...not so much. The biggest one Chad and I have EVER had! It was beautiful...I forgot to take a finished product picture...think I am busy enough?

We stayed home and baked while tyler went to bball...Ryan had a bout of Strep....yuck!

Tyler bought xmas presents at school this year for everyone...notice the date...the 8th, he couldn't wait to give them mat xmas.

Bundled actually snowed this day...waiting for Tyler to get off the bus.

Seriously SANTA?

Christmas at the Brautigam's

There's one of me just like this...and every other grandchild on my side...

The Sorenson Christmas

Sledding with Uncle Matt and Chad

Tyler wore this hat ALL week. So excited!

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